Angela Ferguson - School of Floristry

Dear Angela and Paul

Thank you so much for opening your home and your business to me during the recent Angela Ferguson - School of Floristry course I completed.

I was unsure of what to expect when I signed up, however within minutes of starting – I knew it was right for me.

The course content and presentation was fantastic – talking through the theory we had completed and sharing our ideas helped immensely.  I especially loved how you would show us ways we could make our arrangements look better without making us feel inadequate. 

After finishing your course, I made the decision to open my own flower shop.  Angela – I am very grateful that you showed us everything you could and explained the “goods and bads” around different areas of floristry.  You showed us more than one way or technique which I found really helpful.

Thank you so very much – I really appreciated your kindness, expertise and continual help.

Kind regards


Sharon Livingston


Vintage Bloom New Zealand Limited


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