Angela Ferguson - School of Floristry

Back in 2013 my husband made the suggestion “we could do that” when we heard when we heard the then main street florist was about to close her doors.

I hadn’t done any floristry since my days in England some 13+ years earlier. Quite a while to say the least! But I was keen to give it a whirl. I needed to refresh my skills so I began trawling the internet for any floristry courses and workshops.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across ‘Angela Ferguson’ and her home based floristry school just 45 mins down the road. So I made a few enquires and then booked onto the 2 week course. And it all grew from there.

The course was perfect for what I needed. Class sizes were small, tuition was personal many aspects of floristry were covered from basic handtied bouquets to corporate arrangements to construction of corsages, flower care, health and safety etc. etc. very comprehensive, fun, educational class. I have no hesitation in recommending any of Angela’s floristry courses. She is a lovely gem of a lady with the patience of a saint, is incredibly passionate about floristry – a very capable teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and am extremely grateful for her time.

We did buy the florist shop that was closing its doors. We did a great job of turning it around into a florist & c shop that people once again wanted to visit & use. We have grown an awful lot since then.

I jumped into the deep end with a blindfold! Every day something new unfolds. Directions change I took on a business partner. We re-branded and then relocated. So in less than 3 years I feel like I have started from scratch 3 times! But everything happens for a reason! Floristry, family & business are all doing really well. So thank-you Angela for providing a course for everyday folk like me and for supporting students in achieving the end result. You and your course gave me enough of a foundation, belief & courage to jump in.

Warmest regards

Heidee Visick

Flowers on Pollen, Thames

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